Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel Set of 6 Turkish Cotton – Eco-Friendly (Hand Towels, Stone)

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Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel Set of 6 Turkish Cotton – Eco-Friendly (Hand Towels, Stone)

Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16

  • American Pillowcase is the only authorized seller of these hand towels. If out of stock, please check back in a few days. All other sellers are selling counterfeit
  • 6 Luxury Hand Towels 16″x30″ – Stone
  • Extra thick weave. 700+ gsm. All hems are double-stitched for extra durability
  • Oeko-Tex® and ISO 9001. All Materials are Pesticide and Harmful Chemical Free!
  • Stone is vat dyed for 6+ hours so will remain bright

American Pillowcase has been selling Turkish towels for more than 15 years and contracts with only the very best mills in Turkey. Presently American Pillowcase has 5 of the top selling towels on Amazon. This can’t be done without making a superb product at a great price.

Towels made in Turkey are softer and more durable because it is the only country which does not use any bleach in the manufacturing process, including Stone towels.

All Turkish towels are VAT dyed which means the dye is infused into the yarns under high pressure and high temperature for 6-12 hours depending upon the color. This limits any fading of even the brightest colors. Even Stone towels are dyed Stone, not bleach Stone. For maximum color retention and softness, do not use any bleach when washing these towels.

You will feel the softness immediately, and these towels will continually get softer with each washing. And by using only Turkish cotton and double-stitching all the hems the durability is un-equaled. These towels should last you many years!

In addition, the towels are made in an Oeko-Tex® and ISO 9001 mill. This means that all materials must be chemical and pesticide free and that the mill operates at the highest quality standards and is audited regularly. Email me and I will be happy to send you the certificates.

If for any reason, you would not give these 5 stars, please email and let me know.

List Price: $ 37.99

Price: $ 27.50

8″ x 8″ White Square Throw Pillow Insert Pillow Form


  • GET THE PERFECT FIT. For best results use a 6″ x 6″ or 7″ X 7″ square sham cover for this pillow insert to provide a plump and full throw pillow from corner to corner.
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Helpful Tips On Choosing The Correct Pillow Insert For Your Cover or Sham

To order the correct size pillow insert forms be sure to order your form larger than the sham you are using! A common rule of thumb for shams 18×18 and larger is to order a pillow form 2″ larger than the sham. For example a 18″x18″ sham should use a 20″x20″ pillow form.

The pillow forms you order should be larger than the sham you are using!

Shams 18×18 and larger should use a 20″x20″ pillow form.

Shams smaller than 18×18 should use the same size insert or a size 1″ larger if a fuller look is desired.

It is NOT necessary to order larger sizes on Bolster Inserts

Pillowcases Vs. Shams

A Pillowcase is open only at one end and generally contains a flange on the opening face where the fabric edge is turned over and sewn.

A pillow sham typically more decorative contains a tuck flap located in the back of the sham, and are finished with flanges on all four sides. Sizes of pillowcases are generally Standard or King. Sometimes (but not often) they are made in a Queen size…

Pillow shams come in the following popular sizes:

Standard (20″ x 26″)

King (20″ x 36″)

Euro (26″ x 26″)

Queen (20″ x 30″)

Boudoir(12″ x 16″)

List Price: $ 4.99

Price: $ 4.99

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