Boon LEDGE Water Table

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Boon LEDGE Water Table

Boon LEDGE Water Table

  • Helps keep water in the tub
  • Folds open to create additional play space and direct water back into the tub
  • Drain holes on lower level create rain cloud effect
  • Suctions cups adhere to most standard bath tubs
  • Stores small items when closed. Made without BPA

SPLISH, SPLASH, KEEP WATER IN THE BATH. To you it’s the edge of the tub. To them, it’s a racetrack, runway, launching pad, battlefield and (unfortunately) tidal wave zone. Enter LEDGE, the perfect way to extend your tub’s useable play space and keep water off the bathroom floor all at once. LEDGE’s fold-down toy shelf allows imaginations to run wild, while drain holes keep the tub water from doing the same. How’s that for bath time brilliance?

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 19.99

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